Madrid — ongoing

The Homo Faber Fellowship is an initiative of the Michelangelo Foundation to preserve, promote and safeguard the future of traditional craftsmanship of regional and national significance through the transmission of skills. This educational programme supports the professional integration of talented graduates in the craft sector through a seven-month fellowship which includes a one-month business and creative masterclass certified by ESSEC Business School, and a six-month paid internship in the workshop of a master craftsman. Designed for duos of master craftsmen and young talents, the first edition is being held from September 2023 to April 2024 in five European countries. Mohari is supporting a duo in Madrid to safeguard the future of traditional printing methods.


Madrid — ongoing

Fundacíon Tomillo’s Integrated Hospitality Centre helps 140 vulnerable youth (15–18 year-olds who have dropped out of school) each year to continue their learning and development through its 2 year full-time vocational catering and restaurant services programme. The centre also runs a 3-month short-course for 40 youth under the guardianship of the State. The drop-out rate from vocational training courses of vulnerable youth varies between 35-50%. In Tomillo the drop-out rate is below 15% because their programmes in addition to providing skills training and work experience incorporate emotional and psychological support to support the young person’s development so they are fully equipped to continue their training, either academic or professional, or successfully find employment.


Madrid — ended in 2022

The largest Faculty of Fine Art in Spain, at the University Complutense Madrid, in collaboration with Fundación PONS and Huntress of Art have developed a full-time Masters programme inspired by the short-course ‘Keys to the professionalisation of the career of an artist’. To continue the momentum and generate buzz around the launch of this innovative post-graduate degree, a three-day course will be included in this year’s prestigious “UCM Summer Courses” programme taking place 4-29 July in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Up to 100 Spanish and International art students will apply to attend this course sponsored by Mohari.


Madrid — published in 2022

The Centro Canalejas Madrid Contemporary Art Collection book, a collaboration between Mohari and Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, aims to showcase and create commercial opportunities for the talented Spanish artists, in particular the 60 student artists whose works fill the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid. A copy of the book has been placed in each guest room and is available to purchase from the Concierge with 100% of the profits funding initiatives to support Spanish art students.


Madrid — ended in 2021

Mohari, in collaboration with Fundación PONS and Huntress of Art, developed and sponsored the 20 hour short-course ‘Keys to the professionalisation of the career of an artist’, to support Spanish art students on their path to become successful commercial artists. The intensive programme provided practical knowledge and training to artists on how to establish and manage a successful art business, an area not covered in their degree programmes. Guided by experts in each topic, the course also awarded participants the opportunity to build valuable relationships and networks in the art world. The students and emergent artists whose work decorates the walls of the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, along with current students of the three Faculties of Fine Arts who participated in the Four Seasons Hotel art competition, were offered to take part in this short-course at no cost.


Madrid — ongoing

TaxiLuz, an initiative launched in 2016, aims to bring Christmas closer to Madrid’s vulnerable elderly. Each Christmas up to 400 of Madrid’s licensed taxi drivers decorate their vehicles and donate their services to pick up hundreds of low-income elderly at their residential care facility, at elderly day centres or at their homes and drive them through the illuminated centre of Madrid to see the city’s Christmas lights and feel the Christmas spirit. During the COVID-19 pandemic Mohari supported the additional cost of health and safety measures for the taxi drivers and passengers and encouraging the drivers to make a stop at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid where both drivers and passengers were greeted by hotel and Mohari employees and offered a surprise Christmas gift.


Madrid — ongoing

Fundación Balia’s Youth and Sports programme uses sport as a medium to provide vulnerable youth with an activity that teaches them values, gives them a strong sense of purpose, keeps them out of trouble and provides a support network they can depend upon. In 2019, Mohari financed the running of six of Balia’s 12 basketball teams, in which 78 boys and girls trained twice a week and played in the Municipal League and Spring Cup in Madrid. In 2020 and 2021, the support was extended to eight basketball teams, supporting 120 young people aged 12-17 years old.


Madrid — ongoing

Having access to a safe, stable, affordable home is a basic necessity, however sadly many people in Madrid are homeless. Since 2019, Mohari has actively supported Hogar Si’s Housing Led Programme by covering the annual cost of five units in shared housing designated specifically for homeless individuals ready to move from Hogar Si’s ‘Espacio Salud’ programme into more independent supportive housing. Participants are provided with an unconditional home and the professional support they need to integrate fully into society, progress to achieving economic independence and social autonomy. Since 2021, Mohari has supported 6 units in shared housing. By creating six “transition” units, Mohari’s support is freeing up six spaces in the Espacio Salud programme, thereby doubling the impact of the support being given. To date 11 homeless individuals with long-term health conditions have benefitted directly from Mohari’s support and 5 have successfully left the programme, having regained their autonomy and secured independent housing.


Madrid — ended in 2021

Proficiency in English language can be a game changer for economically disadvantaged individuals, increasing employment opportunities, particularly in the hospitality industry. In 2019, Mohari provided the necessary funding to incorporate the online learning platform ‘Bring Learning to All’ from Age of Learning® to Fundación Balia’s core programme for children at risk of social exclusion, ‘Balia Infancia’. This programme has helped to increase children’s enthusiasm for learning English and improve their level of English language.