Ontario — ended in 2023

Since becoming a certified B Corp in 2014, 100km Foods has received 7 consecutive Best for The World Awards for Community Impact from B Corp International (no awards given during the pandemic), scoring in the top 5% of global B Corps for positive impact on one’s community. Mohari is thrilled to be supporting 100km Foods’ community impact work across Ontario, creating opportunities for over 140 small and medium-sized local farmers, artisans and producers, strengthening the local economy, protecting the environment by advocating for seasonal eating, reducing the average food kms travelled from producer to customer, and reducing food waste. Through partnerships with Community Food Centres Canada, Second Harvest, The Stop and The New Farm, 100km Foods idistributes donated certified organic food to a network of local food banks and community groups in underserved communities.


Toronto — ongoing

Evidence shows that success rates for young people from foster care increase when there is a stable support system in place. StepStones for Youth’s ‘Safe at Home’ programme connects youth in and from foster care with extended family members and community allies who provide long-term housing solutions and unconditional care and support. By creating a stable support system and permanency the youth avoid homelessness, poverty, mental health crises, and ongoing dependency on social services. Increasing access to housing stability and community, and culturally empowering relationships with caring adults creates the conditions for these marginalised youth to thrive. Mohari is supporting 5 youth participating in this programme.


Toronto — ongoing

Park People’s Sparking Change Toronto programme helps community groups to transform their parks into engines of community development. Mohari is supporting the programme in Toronto, providing 20 equity-seeking community groups in underserved neighbourhoods with funding to access training, networks, capacity building and one-on-one coaching they need to make their parks more vibrant and their neighbourhoods stronger. The programme creates a sense of change and shared ownership, building confidence and inspiring civic leaders, reducing social isolation, and creating more inclusive communities, providing a place for diverse people to gather and support local economic development.


Toronto — ended in 2021

Mohari has supported YouthLink, a pioneering charity that seeks to tackle youth homelessness in Toronto. YouthLink provides young people in need a long-term home, counselling, and support to break the cycle and get their lives back on track. Mohari has funded the renovation of a space to create six transitional housing units specifically for homeless youth. These units will be a stepping-stone for young people ready to transition from YouthLink’s long-term shelter at 747 Warden Avenue to less supported accommodation, a half-way house to fully independent living.


Greater Toronto Area — ended in 2022

To mark the opening of 1 Hotel Toronto, over 2,000 native trees will be physically planted in designated sites throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), in partnership with the non-profit organization Tree Canada. Tree Canada is the only non-profit organisation in Canada dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments, an incredibly important cause given that forest cover in Canadian cities has been declining over the past 20 years. Mohari has funded this project with the aim of improving the air quality in Toronto, addressing climate change and providing vital habitats for wildlife.

1 Hotel Toronto BlindSquare enabled

Toronto — ongoing

As part of the renovations for the 1 Hotel Toronto, Mohari Hospitality funded the installation of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s (CNIB) BlindSquare enabled iBeacons navigation system throughout the hotel's communal indoor and outdoor spaces. This initiative, part of CNIB’s Accessible Neighbourhoods Project, aims to transform Canadian communities to make them more accessible and inclusive by improving access to areas of the city for anyone needing assistance navigating places on their own. With the installation of iBeacon technology in May 2021, 1 Hotel Toronto has not only become more accessible to blind and partially sighted guests and visitors, but also better equipped to integrate blind and partially sighted individuals into its workforce. Mohari Hospitality is continuing to fund the ongoing annual maintenance and operation costs for this project.